Pfister Perfect Bathroom

Cedar Bathroom

Our Primary bathroom desperately needed a refresh and remodel. When envisioning the wants and needs of the space, one element had to be perfect and be able to change with style changes. When searching we found that Pfister offers a “transitional” category of design. Through the slightly curved lines of their matte black collections we were able to select the Pfister perfect bathroom fixtures that ultimately turned into our features!

First Things First

With any type of bathroom renovation, the space planning is crucial. Lucky for us, we liked the configuration of the space but nothing more. To obtain the modern minimal effect, I wanted contrasting colors and knew that the Pfister pieces had to be the gorgeous matte black. After easily selecting exactly the right Pfister collections that were perfect for us, the rest came together beautifully. You can shop our bathroom here.

  before renovation
Bathroom Renovation DIY
Cedar Bathroom

Faucet Feature

Faucets can say a lot about your bathroom. I would venture to say that they can set the tone and personality for the entire space. Faucets were the first item I looked for when designing the space. Pfister has so many wonderful spaces and options to choose from. We chose the Ladera Black Matte (Model: LF-042-LRBB) in the single control option. Besides this piece having the simple but high end look, I wanted the single control versus the handles on either side to streamline my design. For us, less items on the counter mean less visual clutter. I would say that these Pfister faucets set the perfect tone for our space.

Pfister faucet
Bathroom Renovation

Tenet-itive Hanging Solutions

Making the most of this space was very important to us due to the size of the room. The less we have in design the more space we gain visually. Towel racks and bars tend to need more space than hooks. Here we used the Tenet hooks in the matte black (Model: BRH-TNTB) and hanging these vertically are perfect for our hand towels and full sized towels. Not to mention that the look of these hooks tie in perfectly with the Rancho Pfister faucets.

Pfister bathroom DIY
Propagation wall

Shower me in Modern Sleek

When designing our shower, I knew I wanted a modern but sleek and simple look. The supersized white gloss subway like tile added light and reflection that was welcomed in this dark and cramped space. For even a more modern look, the high contrast of the matte black with the gloss white was perfection. Pfister Ladera Collection (Model: 8P8-WS2-LRSB) with the transitional look is not too futuristic or stuck in the past. The wipe clean fixtures are the perfect addition to the space. When planning the layout of the walk in shower, I knew I wanted to turn on the water without getting soaked before the water reached the right temperature. Mounting the Pfister shower handle on the left side of the shower allows for the shower head, located on the other end, to turn on without any uneasy motions.

Pfister Shower handle
Pfister Shower

Water Closet Worth Taking a Seat In

What can usually be said about the throne room? Let’s give them something to talk about with the Pfister Tenet Paper Holder (Model BPH-TNTB). We felt that this sleek design in the black matte when with the other Pfister features we have in our space. Keeping the space bright and light on the bottom for a sense of clean we were able to mount the paper holder to take up minimal space by mounting vertically. The opposing side has a few black accents to bring this space all together.

 wood feature wall

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