Paper Flower Backdrops

With any kind of celebration, decorations are essential. Why not create your very own? Paper flower backdrops are big, bold, and beautiful additions to any and every celebration. There is nothing quite like taking an element of nature and taking it another level to suit any festivities.

Paper Flower Backdrops

The great thing about paper flower backdrops is that you can customize them to any size, color or shape. Any theme can be enhanced with these lush paper elements.   Even paper itself comes in all colors and sizes, the possibilities are endless! Throw in details such as beading, wire and some spray paint to make your creations come to life! Add paper flower backdrops to your next event and celebration to make the vent come to life.

Dessert Paper Flower BackdropOversized paper flowers give a “wow” factor especially at weddings. Brooke and Nathaniel’s wedding was over the top and the guests were in awe!

Selfie Station Paper Flower BackdropWe created and designed this “Selfie Station” where guests can take a selfie with their phones. Even the bride and groom jumped in on the fun!

First Birthday Paper Flower BackdropFirst birthdays have a wonder all their own, add these tropical floral pieces to make it a picture perfect memory.

Tropical Paper Flower BackdropDisplay flowers in any area of your party to create even more visual delights!

Baby Shower Paper FLower BackdropNot only can you display your paper flower backdrops in many different shapes and sizes, you can display them on frames and even vertically.

Birthday Session Paper Flower BackdropBirthday sessions are even more magical when paper flowers are used int he backdrop.

Paper Flower LettersPaper flowers can be used in all shapes and sizes, here, 3d letters were used as a base for these detailed paper designs.

Happy flower making… and displaying! Remember to tag your creations with #shareyourglitter



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