Pantry Makeover

Pantry Organization

We adore our house and are slowly making it into our home. Project by project we are changing areas in our space to make them our own. In this house, a pantry didn’t even exist. We turned an unused utility closet into a pantry but just closing off the door way and opening up another. What was a blank space that was overlooked is now the central hub for this family of five.

Progression of a Pantry

Pantry Makeover

Starting off with a blank canvas was very inspiring. We hung new drywall and were ready to turn this old utility closest into something more useful. The new door opening was easy enough to open up to the kitchen and makes for a great space to have all of our food and snacks. I knew I wanted this space to be versatile enough convert back into a storage closet if needed. I planned out the top of the closet to be floating shelves and used 1″X3″ and 1/4″ ply for the top/bottom and fronts. I knew I wanted to have some sort of removable wallpaper and searched everywhere for just the right one. Of all the places, I ended up finding the perfect one at Target.

Floating Shelves
Wood shelves
DIY Shelves
DIY floating shelf

Dressing up the Pantry

Dark Pantry

Facebook marketplace is an odd space but you can certainly find a good piece. This gorgeous West Elm dresser is solid wood and I adore the blonde wood. Opposite this space in our home are massive floating shelves in the same wood tones. Bringing this exact tone was just what this pantry needed. I wanted to have the dresser take center stage so I painted the surrounding area my house trim grey. Painting this color grey onto the wall also meant that our microwave would fade back in the space a bit more. I found the jars and book ends that I am using as package holders were all found at Goodwill. The black wire baskets are from Crate and Barrel. I’ll have to post the “after a few months of living in this space” to see how well it works or not.

Pantry shelves DIY
Pantry DIY

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