Painted Vinyl

Yes! You can paint vinyl! You can use spray paint or acrylic (and other too!) to add to your vinyl creations. You can add so much dimension and character to your projects with just a little, or a lot, of paint.

Below are some of my favorite projects using spray paint or acrylic paint on vinyl. If you are nervous about applying paint to the vinyl, be sure to save some vinyl scraps from your next project and play around with it. Anything that has font or a shape was cut with my Cricut Maker.

When I paint vinyl, I do not use transfer tape because it would peel off/mess up the paint on top of the vinyl. The fun part of this project is to explore with paint that you can make beautiful and unique projects.

Giant flowers

The Knot Couture in New York City was decked out with these beautiful paper flowers. The painted vinyl in this photo were the stems and leaves, here we used spray paint! You have to go check out all of the designs here.

Bridal Shower decorations

“He popped the question and We popped the bubbles…” was the perfect saying for this bridal shower. Originally white vinyl, the paint was spray paint and the ombre design was created with a darker and lighter colors. My friend’s bridal shower can be found here.

Bar Backdrop

“Bottoms Up…” was cut in the Medina Clean font and was perfect for this cheeky shoot. The vinyl was white originally and then painted with the pink and peach spray paint. Photos (above and below) by Kristen Weaver Photography.

Painted Vinyl

When these vinyls were cut with the Cricut Maker, they were great as is. When applied to the floor they just fell a little flat, literally. Grabbing an artist paint brush and some Plaid paint, we added the lighter colors the cut vinyl. This fiji inspired shoot can be found here.

Mirror Menu Card

This Peach Bellini shoot was made complete with these simple mirrored menu. It’s very faint but the white vinyl was lightly painted in ombred to give a tiny bit of dimension. This inspiration shoot can be found here. Photos by Kristen Weaver Photography.

Party Animal Banner

This birthday banner was so cute and made out of canvas. To add more depth we spray painted the light blue to the base and then added some girly touched to the center vinyl by adding pink spray paint to the gold vinyl. You can see this entire part here. Photos by Kristen Weaver Photography.

Painted aisle runner

Could you imagine?! This aisle runner is rolled out vinyl! This space for this ceremony was beautiful as is, but adding acrylic paints was perfect. This is similar to a paint pour and can be achieved by pulling up the sides and letting it run side to side to get the movement. Photos by Kristen Weaver Photography.

Forth of July painted vinyl

Let’s party like it’s 1776! It was difficult to have the white vinyl show up for this sweet photo shoot so white was added to the red and blue to look as if it was reflecting the light. You can see the full shoot here.

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    May 9, 2022 at 7:42 am

    Hi! I saw that you mentioned you spray paint over the vinyl letters and you do t use transfer tape. How did you spray it and then transfer it to the wall?

    • Reply
      Kristen Johnson
      May 12, 2022 at 4:43 pm

      No! The transfer tape will remove the paint. You have to transfer it by hand. Hope this helps!

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