Our Customized At Home Coffee Station

More than ever before, we find ourselves enjoying every inch of where we live. From work to play and everything in between, we are all spending more time in the place we call home. Why not make a customized at home coffee station to create a luxurious feel with the Cricut Maker. Let’s create like labeled coffee caddie, custom stir sticks, personalized napkins and labeled double walled coffee cups to espresso ourselves! Using our Cricut Maker we get to use Vinyl, Iron On and our Knife Blade to make this coffee station a brew-tiful addition.

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*Caution* Contents are Hot

Let’s first grab our supplies; Standard Grip and a Strong Grip mat, Cricut Vinyl (color of your choice), Cricut transfer tape, Knife Blade, Cricut Iron On, and EasyPress (recommended). With all of these supplies from Cricut, you can make this one of a kind coffee station accessories.

Coffee Station

Vinyl labels for the Coffee Station caddie are up first and we’ll be doing what I like to call a “reverse” label. This is a technique where I will cut, weed and transfer the vinyl onto the caddie surface. Next, I will then spray over the vinyl with spray paint and let dry. After the paint is dry, I will use my Cricut tools to remove the painted over vinyl to expose the surface being protected underneath. Last, I will lightly sand to make the caddie look more old world feeling.

Cricut VInyl
Cricut Maker
Labeled coffee caddy
Reverse label

Next up are the custom stir sticks using our Strong grip mat, Cricut Knife Blade and basswood. First we created a stir stick in Cricut Design Space using shapes. Thinning out and elongating a square and then laying a circle shape over top, I then welded the shapes so that I could set the knife blade to cut the now custom shape out. To give the stir stick an edge, I create a unique shape by splitting the circle on top. To top it all off, we embellished the stir stick with our initial using vinyl.

Wood craft
Cricut Knife Blade
Custom Stir Stick

Lastly, we are adding the same initial monogram to our double walled espresso cups and napkins. Using a simple white iron on color to match the stir sticks was a simple and clean detail especially on these black napkins. Attention to details like these are what make your Coffee Station cohesive and seem like you’re at a luxury hotel. Using the same font and color from the stir sticks will help bring everything together.

Monogrammed Napkin
At Home Coffee Bar

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