NYE Stir Sticks

Let’s ring in the New Year with a toast! A sparkly, fun and up cycled- Christmas-decor- toast! By using mini ornaments and leftover tinsel garlands, you can make this New Year’s celebration one to remember!

DIY Stir Sticks

Before you tear down and throw out all of your Holiday decor let’s see what we can make! Taking a different look/angle on your decor already in your home, or while you’re out shopping the clearance goodies, here are a few ideas!

This stir stick idea all started when I wanted to make a sparkly/unique drink stir when I first started this blog. You can see in the photos there is one that is made from a tinsel garland… here’s that original post.

DIY Christmas recycle

You most likely have the supplies above just laying around after Christmas, and now is a great time to create something new! So grab those kids (because you know that they are STILL home…) and let’s put them to good use.

How to NYE Drink

This first one comes with the inspiration of the “ball drop” each year. Simply take a mini ornament, use your thick cut scissors (these are Fiskars), and snip off the end at the base.

Easy Drink Stir NYE

Add hot glue (this is the Chandler Tool Glue gun) to the end of a paper straw, and easily insert that straw into the end of the ornament. I pushed mine until it reached the roof of the bulb. That’s it for that one!

Cricut Drink Stir

The above is the SAME process as the glitter bulb but this time we are using a non glitter one that comes in the same pack. This time I cut out “2020” with my Circut Maker and transferred it onto the bulb.

Drink place card

I also found a pack of these mini ornaments in the clearance section that were stars! I grabbed them as fast as I could! Using the same process as the bulbs, you are going to use those thick cut sheers to cut the base and insert the straw. You can see in the above that I added a name to this one. This way- it’s a drink name tag as well as a stir stick!

How to make tassel

Tassels are always super fun and can be festive throughout the year. Taking any color/sheen of paper, cut a strip of paper then add 1″ cuts vertically. Add a dollop of hot glue and have your stir stick base ready!

DIY Tassel

For this stir stick, I used a plastic coffee stir that I bought off of amazon and use all of the time for multiple projects. Take your stir stick and add to that dollop of glue. Simply roll it onto itself adding glue along the way. Once the paper is all rolled up, use your fingers to spread the tassel apart.

Make Stir Stick

Our last quick NYE stir stick DIY is over the top easy. Take whatever wrap you have- from paper to tissue and anything that will bend and straw and fire up your glue gun. I used this plastic wrap I had lying around and used a scrap for up a rough 4″x4″ square.

How to Drink Stir

Fold in half and then again in half, add a little glue into your straw opening and the folded sheet should make a point. Take the point and add into the end of your straw and the glue will hold it into place!

NYE DIY Drink Stirs

I hope that you enjoyed this DIY that can be made so very quickly. Even more though, I hope you are inspired to get making! Using your hands is not only great for your mental health in the up in coming year but also for your soul!


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