Night Stand Revamp with Cricut

There is no hiding that I think the my husband is insanely handsome. Everyone knows this- including my kids when they see “Mathew Handsome Face” ring on my phone. He’s way more than just a pretty face and I wanted to remind him of it each and every day.

Night Stand Revamp

We have two night stands in our bedroom and like most, they are pretty bland. I wanted to add a little cheeky flirtation through a little Cricut revamp. This project is so quick and easy that it will take up under an hour to add some custom fun to your plain night stands. So go and take a look at your bedside and see if you can add some personal and custom touches to your suite!

The Tools of the Trade

What you need:

All things Cricut; Maker, black chalkboard vinyl, transfer tape and the Cricut tools

One of the best features of the Cricut Maker is the Bluetooth capabilities. We are in a full blown renovation (I know, the perfect time to start any additional project) so trying to hook up my desktop was not an option. To connect to your Cricut Maker, simply turn on your Bluetooth and sync. Cricut BluetoothUsing the Cricut Design Space, I chose existing fonts that were masculine for him and more feminine for my side (thought I left my side table out?- not a chance!). Cricut chalkbaord vinylI chose the chalk board vinyl because of the color and the texture. I had never used it before this project but I will certainly be using it again!Target Night standThis is the side table, I think it is so cute- from the color to the metal legs- but it’s just a little blah.Cricut Transfer tapeAfter the vinyl was cute (perfectly BTW), I used the Cricut transfer tape. This transfer is amazing because of the grid pattern that helps you like things up just right.Night stand Cricut revampI love the way they turned out. I call him handsome and he has always called me gorgeous (***blushing!***). What a sweet daily reminder of how we feel about each other. At least in the way that we would feel comfortable about sharing with the world.Night stand revampI’d love to see what you come up with so share with my on social! @agirlandherglitter

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