New Media: Fabric

When the Cricut Maker arrived in the mail… it was like Christmas morning in the heat of summertime! What I was most excited about was using the rotary blade and what I could cut with it. I could not wait to see my very own blade in motion cutting fabric.

No sew? No Problem.

I am not a sewer… at the moment… but I am all about the no sew projects! Natalie Wright came up with the no sew bandana and featured it on her site. Once I saw her adorable pup I knew that I had the perfect project to use for my rotary blade. My friend was celebrating the anniversary of adopting her pup and we had to celebrate with a mini photo shoot we called her “Happy Gotcha Day!” Heather said that her pup was the skinniest and saddest looking dog at the shelter- so she just had to have him.

Every dog gets their day:

Here I am, with my Cricut loaded and ready to go, my design space all set, blade loaded and ready to hit the blinking “C.” With much anticiaption it was my turn to use my very own Maker… cutting fabric! It was therapeutic to watch the gold gear of the rotary lift up and down and spin all around to make this zig zag cut out. I could have watched it all day…

Cricut Maker Fabric

Using the pink mat that is especially made for fabric, I cut a 12 inch square from my generous aunt Susie’s stash (remember- not a sewer… but I may start hoarding fabrics- so many options!).

Cut Fabric

Look at how precise the rotary blade is! This is just a thin piece of fabric and the Maker didn’t even flinch.

Cricut Maker cuts fabric

No sew bandana

Here is the finished project and I had to make my doggie bandana a little different from Natalie’s by adding macrame to the ends. I cut my bandana smaller because I wanted it to lay flat on our model pup.

Gotcha Day

Look how happy this pup, Rocky, is with his Momma! This project was so simple and so meaningful and it was all cut and made with my innovative Cricut Maker. No matter what occasion you get to use your Cricut Maker with- sewer or a non sewer- this machine is a dream to use on over 200 fabrics. The possibilities are so vast with the different textures, thicknesses and types of fabrics the revolutionary rotary can cut through. I can’t wait to try even more materials and share them with you!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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