Modern Minimalist Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

We all want it. That perfect kitchen update to get us into the here and now, and right now that’s the modern minimalist kitchen. This look can be achieved with straight lines, wood tones and moody stone but did you know that the details to having a sleek kitchen are so easy when you use the Cricut Joy! Let’s makeover the heart of the home and make it a place where minimalism becomes your newest address.

Minimalist Look with Max Appeal

To get this look in your home, you will need minimal supplies. We will be making everything custom, from spice containers, wooden utensils, oil and vinegar holder as well as some wooden salt and pepper shakers. You may be surprised at how easy this can be with some unconventional materials, but since we are using Cricut you’ll be impressed with the outcome.

Cricut Joy Modern kitchen

The star of this show is the Cricut Joy as well as the mats to use the machine. The materials we are cutting are the Cricut Joy Smart Iron On and the Cricut Joy Smart Label VInyl. You’ll also want the Cricut Joy Pens and the small but mighty Cricut Easy Press Mini. Since we are customizing kitchen items, you can see the items above.

Hidden Treasure

Cricut Joy Kitchen

Using my Cricut Joy, I can easily just hook it up right into the outlet in my kitchen. This machine is so versatile and easy to use. We are switching out the cutting blade for a black pen to create these labels for our spice containers. This writable vinyl is perfect for this project, won’t smudge and I can pick any font to write with. To create cohesion, all of the kitchen projects will be the Cricut font Kyden. Using the Cricut app on my phone, I was able to connect via bluetooth and choose my size, switch from cutting to drawing and here you have it!

Cricut Kitchen labels
Spice labels
DIY spice labels
minimalist kitchen details

To get the minimal look in your kitchen, try not to display everything you own on the counters. Labeling my spices with the white writable vinyl makes them easy to identify and grab when I tuck them away into the drawer.

Wood you use Iron On?

Moving onto our wood details for our kitchen makeover, we are using the Cricut Joy Smart Iron On in matte black. Switch from the Cricut pen back to the cutting blade, we can hop right back into canvas on the Cricut app and cut out our desired lettering. These tall and slim salt and pepper shakers are the perfect addition to the space. Instead of taking attention away from the look of the counters by making them cluttered, this pair of teak shakers adds to the minimal look. Once I decided that a simple initial for each was perfect, I made them two inches tall and then mirrored the imaged and sent to cut. Can you believe it? Using my EasyPress mini I was able to iron on the matte black letters. I chose iron on for easier cleanup and longer wear.

Cricut Joy Iron on
Wood iron on
Custom salt and pepper shakers
Minimlaist Kitchen decor

Using the same technique as the salt and pepper shakers, we are going to repeat this iron on process onto the beach-wood utensils. Using my Cricut weeding tools for this one since the letters were much smaller. I love how the Cricut Joy can handle these small details with ease.

Cricut Joy label making
Wood iron on utensils
custom utensils

Finished Look

All of these Modern Minimalist Kitchen details are complete and we are loving how they all turned out with using the Cricut Joy. The utensils are perfection in this stone container and having the labels show instead of the tops creates a more finished look. The oil and vinegar holders are minimal and allows for the reflection of the bottles be the star. The salt an pepper did win a spot on the counter but mixed in with the moody stone. Even though the spices are in a top side drawer, they top off this kitchen with the best details.

Custom Kitchen details
Minimalist Kitchen details
Modern Minimalist Cricut Kitchen

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