Magical Ornaments

There is something to be said about this time of year. So much wonder in the crisp air that makes the world seem full of possibilities and new beginnings. These magical ornaments make the tree come to life in the most fun kind of way.

Mythical is Magical

This season is so fun for everyone of any age. Making magical ornaments from mythical creatures was a joy to have come to life. We used Cricut and Michaels to share these adorable tree accents that are guaranteed to give you a smirk! Everything was purchased from Michaels Craft Stores and cut from our Cricut Maker.

Meet the Characters:

Our mermaid tail was so simple with just cutting different colored glitter crafting foam into scalloped edges. We took a circular ornament and added a tail using cardboard. Starting with the tail, we then started to wrap the scalloped edge cuts and making them meet on the side (so the back looked seamless as well). We simply layered this look until we were at the top then finished it up with the same color as the tail we started with. This little Siren is the talk of the tree for sure!

Mermaid OrnamentInspired by the movie ELF, we too, wanted to wish Buddy luck finding his Dad! Our Narwhal is our personal favorite. By adding acrylic paint to the inside of the plastic blub, we added a touch of floor cleaner to make the paint spread. We whisked the ornament around as fast as we could in our hands to created this look. Added glitter craft foam (leftover from the mermaid) for a tail and fins as well as the magical horn. Topped him off with two black eye and a shy smile.

Narwhal OrnamentYou know that any event isn’t magical until a unicorn makes an appearance! Using Cricut glitter sparkle paper, we cut the same pattern as our unicorn pumpkin, folded them in half and then attached to the bulb. Added white glitter to the inside and topper her off with her gold horn and sleepy lashes.

Unicorn Ornament

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