Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Holiday season is here, and we are in the thick of it. Then, it happens, you have your lists half way crossed off and then you realize you need to get stocking stuffers. Those pesky little things that shouldn’t be just underwear and socks. Yea, yea- you could go and buy some pre made ones but you want a little bit of personality and personal touch to them as well. Well last minute stocking stuffers, prepare to get the stuffing knocked out of you by awesome last minute victories!

We have prepared some quick and easy gifts that totally let you shine. These last minute stocking stuffers will make it look like you had your act together months ago. We suggest that you look for items that are non seasonal. If you pick an item that only works for Christmas, you are making it so that the gift does not translate year round so try to stay away from those. These are just a few quick and easy last minute stocking stuffer ideas to knock their socks off.

Make a List {Check it Twice}

That list you have, the one that was filled out perfectly, checked off and then added to and scribbled on… let’s simplify it a bit. For your sake. Personalizing your pre bought gifts is the name of the game here. Purchase existing items that have been made for you. RUN to your vinyl, iron on and HTV products and heat up that EasyPress. Everything we used for these creations are from Target and all of the additions are from Cricut bought from Michaels. Now that you know where to go, let’s get started!

Phone Cover, Mug and Toilet Tree bag are all from Target. All products (vinyl/HTV) are all Cricut and all cut with our Cricut Maker and purchased at Michaels.

Stocking stuffers

The literal toilet tree bag! So sparkly and oh so fun! Just use your Cricut Design Space and foil heat transfer vinyl to complete this design! Target has these awesome little pop up stations throughout the stores and these sparkle bags are on a few of them. These bags come in a few different colors and are a steal at $5 each. Using the Cricut EasyPress, simply use your press to adhere the playful design, or use one completely your own!

toilet tree bag

Here is the “I am a {friggin’} Unicorn mug! Know anyone who is and actual unicorn? That person in your life where you are constantly asking yourself, “how do they do it all?” Are YOU that unicorn? Use this Madina font for a playful script and think about adding that tongue in cheek humor to make it a bit different. The mug itself is a opalescent stoneware mug and is perfect for the year of the unicorn that 2017 was.

unicron mug

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” and they rocked even Santa’s socks off! Tis the season to over think presents- have fun with them and remember the gift of being in the moments leading up to Christmas is even more important. Last minute stocking stuffers can and should be fun!

Share your creations with me #shareyourglitter and show us how we inspired you!



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