Kitty Countdown with Xyron

The kids decided that they wanted a Christmas countdown half way through December… you’re on kids. This 1/2 way countdown is going to be one we’ll remember and maybe make a tradition out of it.

You’ve Cat to be Kitten me right Meow

Christmas countdown

Over the summer we adopted a cat that soon became the family obsession. So it’s absolutely normal that our count down had to be a kitty cat countdown. First, these adorable frames from Michaels were half off and purrrrfect.

Cat frame

This picture ornament was laying around in one of my drawers and it ended up being the exact size that I needed. This ornament was also from Michaels.

Photo ornament

Open the ornament up and use half of it. You will be able to get two cat frames out of one.

Candy countdown

Take your candy/toy and wrap in tissue paper so that you won’t see it in the clear ornament. Once the treat is inside- place glue on the rim and push onto the tissue paper. This will create a push through front for the kids to enjoy each day. You’ll then add glue to the rim and push against the cat frame. Take a marker or sticker and place the number on the front.

Kitty cat countdown

Each day you’ll be able to enjoy watching the kids “punch the cat (as they lovingly say).”

Christmas candy countdown

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