Hydro Painting

Ocean bedroom

My oldest wanted an underwater scene under his loft bed we built him to create a library space. We will be adding more elements to this in the future but first let’s show you how we used hydro painting for this cool craft.

Hydro dipping

We created this video for a step by step guide to re create this awesome look. It’s so simple and so easy that you will become addicted to making this again and again!

YouTube Step by Step

Here are some stills of the project so that you can see more detail. Below you can see the thickness of the acrylic I used. Know that all of them where different thicknesses and they all worked well.

DIY Spray Paint Craft
spray paint

You can see above, the different sizes made this fun! Below is a close look at the “anchors” I used. These are just screws that I put into place and used the fishing line to secure.


This project can be used on so many different surfaces! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Be sure to tag me in your creations.

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