How-To: Vinyl Drink Labels

Mimosa bars are here to stay  **CHEERS!** Make your display stand out by making beautiful script vinyl drink labels and applying them directly onto your juice containers. Ditch the tented signs for a much sleeker and more modern look by using this How-To recipe! Seriously, you’ll be toasting yourself for a job well done (and well deserved, I might add!).

Cheers to you!

We were first asked to design this entire day for a gorgeous stylized shoot. See more of our super chic/obtainable details from this shoot here. The theme was South Seas Fiji, therefore the colors were set to BOLD and the details needed to be unique! Having brightly-colored drinks in a gradual ombre was a must as I imagined that the sun would be hot so the drinks needed to be cool (get it?!). Using glass flasks (previously purchased from Target), in my never-ending stockpile, the decision was made to add vinyl drink labels directly to the glass. We had done this once before at our first workshop, but this time the font from the invitation suite would be incorporated so it would all be cohesive. The result was spectacular.

Details Details

Designing this shoot was insanely fun; it’s always the little details that make it all come to life!  Be sure to visit the bottom of the page for this super simple How-To recipe so you can rock your next mimosa/ juice bar!

Everything we used was with our Cricut:

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

Cricut Vinyl

Cricut BrightPad

Cricut Transfer paper

We asked the designer for the font and we were able to purchase the Madina font to download.

Cricut Design SpaceOnce we had the font- we were able to load it directly into the Cricut design space. I had to allign and arrange the fonts to where I liked them the best and was able to weld them together. Time to cut!

Cricut Explore Air 2Knowing that the juices we chose were colorful, the lighter color Cricut vinyl allowed for the words to pop!

Cricut BrightPadOnce Cut- it was nearly impossible to see where the cut lines were. Going with the lighter vinyl certainly did not help my cause. FEAR NOT! The Cricut BrightPad is here and will help with exactly that! I added a little tape to either side to help hold my vinyl in place. P.S. isn’t that BrightPad so pretty?!

Cricut BrightPad weedingLook at the difference! I can clearly see where the lines are AND cut down on my weeding process!

Cricut BrightPad and Weeding toolHere is another view using my weeding tool (a must have!) to show how much easier weeding now is.

Vinyl labelsWe started with the container- made sure it was all cleaned and the surface was smooth- after wedding my vinyl we added the transfer tape and removed the vinyl from it’s backing. Taking the transfer tape that now has the vinyl label ready to transfer- we placed the vinyl label onto the glass and simply removed the tape. Ta da!

Stylized shoot using CricutThe finished product! We want to toast a glass to you- so don’t forget to #shareyourglitter and tag us in your creations!

Professional photos by: Kristen Weaver Photography

How-To Vinyl Drink Labels

Print Recipe
Makes: 1-4 Crafting Time: 20 min


  • Container of your choice
  • Cricut Vinyl of choice
  • Cricut Medium Grip Mat
  • Cricut Transfer Paper



1. Choose a container that you want to place a label on.


2. Using your Cricut Machine; choose the word(s) and fonts you want to use for your label.


3. In Cricut Design Space, be sure to measure the size needed for your project and set your material settings to vinyl.


4. Using a medium grip mat, set your vinyl of choice onto the mat and set machine to cut.


5. Once your vinyl is cut, use your Circut BrightPad to weed the excess vinyl out of and away from your label(s).


6. Use your Cricut transfer paper to then transfer your design off of the vinyl backing and onto the designated container.


Choose a container that has a smooth surface (and bubbled glass or design will not allow the vinyl to lay flat against the surface). Weld your letters together for a cohesive (as much as you can) vinyl transfer. Cricut transfer paper has a built in grid pattern to help you keep your designs stay symmetrical.













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