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We were lucky to get our house. This house was in the neighborhood we wanted, we often drove up and down the streets just to see if anything was for sale by owner. The best school in the county, minimum one acre properties and privacy. It was just a blessing when our Aunt/realtor found this house for us at the time she did, such a God thing. I knew I wanted this house when we walked in to the tall ceilings and view that carried straight through to the back with the oversized pool. When you see these first two photos of the “before” you’re going to say I am full of it!

Good Bones

It’s true, I wanted this house the minute I stepped into it. It’s like the feeling you are said to get when you try on the right wedding dress… but in a house. I can’t explain exactly expect that we had put our faith in the right place and prayed for the house to come to us. The bones were more than just good, they were great! My husband and I could have never of imagined a house this size, on 1.9 acres of land with a fire place, four bedrooms and the dream pool. There it was, as fugly as it could get, but it was ours for the taking.

Phase 1

Our house officially became our home and after two years of living in the original, it was time for a mix up. The hubbs and I sat down and figured out a plan to change our houses in phases. Phase 1 included what would have the biggest impact to the entire home; the floors (all four different textiles) and the wall that cut off the kitchen from the rest of the house. The main issue is that in our foyer is a 4′ step down that no one sees due to the previous tile. I took this as a time to create an art feature to create a wow moment when you walked in as well as save everyone’s neck.

I reached out to Bedrosians on instagram because I loved their sense of style and what they offered in their stores. We were able to partner up and get the ball rolling even faster than I could have thought. The result is more that we could have ever imagined. The photo below is before in the kitchen:

Before RenovationGoodbye Spanish tile, walls and well, everything.

During RenovationBefore photo of the “death step” in the foyer and the family room.

Before renovation family roomThe final piece of the wall is gone and all floors removed.

Kitchen RenovationThe tile is going in. You can see that we went with a darker color and could because of how open the house is. The porcelain inlay is a dupe on marble and we were able to create this gorgeous feature on the entrance step down.

Tile Design RenovationFinished product but before the deep clean! Everything came out even better than we imagined it could. Stay tuned because we are almost to the end of Phase 2 which is the major kitchen reno- Phase 3 are the kitchen details!

After Renovation Floors


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