Entryway Floating Shelves

Entry Shelves

Everyone seems to want the open house concept and we are one of those lucky ones that made it happen. Once you live in an open concept home you realize that making statements through design can be a bit challenging. There are essentially only four walls to create a focal point and making them all cohesive is the trick. A couple of ideas would be through paint colors, decorative accents and wood tones. For this open and empty entryway I knew I wanted it to be a focal point and did so by color blocking, installing massive floating shelves and creating a welcoming seating area.

Empty to Inviting

Renovation before

We made the mistake of not taking any photos before the renovation so we grab them from our listing. You can see here how the house was very yellow and looks very dark. It’s almost cave like. Taking a slug hammer I ripped out the wood to make this area look less like a log cabin.

Entry Way Decor

After taking out the dated wood, we made the space brighter with a fresh white paint. The only issue now is that it’s bright but somewhat boring. Since the space was so large, I wanted to color block the large wall with the trim color paint.

Entryway design

The shelves are made by 1″X3″ 8′ planks. I added 12″ cross beams. We used 3″ screws to attach the floating shelf beams to the studs in the wall. Once the skeleton beams are in place, we then added the 3/4″ birch ply wood on top. Last, I added the face fronts. Urethane coat for the wood to be protected and then you’re done! Now it’s time to decorate and I was inspired with Decocrated and their summer box, you can see all the feature here!

Floating Shleves
Entryway decorations

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