Empty Nook to Full Service Niche

A lot of houses have these empty nooks that were used for China Cabinets. Problem is, they are so outdated that an eye sore… for this space.

Before and After Beverage Station

The transformation is wild when you see them side to side. This went from a complete eye sore to the first thing people notice when they walk in our door. We partnered with Jura for amazing coffee and U-Line for their incredible refrigerators and U-Chill. I designed this entire space for these pieces and I was so happy with the turnout.

Wood Backsplash

This space needed something so unique and so I searched the internet for texture vibes and feel in love with a wood sound proofing wall. Inspired by the idea, I started to plan out how I could make it my own. Using a 2″X2″ boards and a miter saw then continued to cut 897 pieces of wood on different angles. Starting with 15 degree to 35 degrees, I went back and forth until all pieces we cut. We then chose three different stains and attached to a backer board. After the pieces were attached to the thin ply wood, we then nail gunned it into nook. This was the final result.

wood backsplash
wood art design

Wine Rack

Believe it or not, the top of the angled wood backsplash had a gap at the top and I was NOT going to cut smaller pieces. I was completely over the entire process and wanted a quick- but useful trick. I racked my brain for a solution and it hit me! I used angle iron, the Hubbs welded the iron together and we created the most unique wine rack. Best part, it costs under $20 and doesn’t take up any counter space!

Wine Rack
DIY Wine Rack
Angle iron wine rack

Coffee Shelf

This Jura coffee machine are what dreams are made of. I have the best coffee every morning and this machine deserved to be elevated. Also- the pot filler that we installed was a bit high… Using scrap wood I built this shelf to bring the coffee machine up and store mugs below. The result was just what we needed and I tied in the trim paint color right on to it.

Jura Coffee Station
Coffee Station Storage

Floating Shelf

Wanting to create an elegant space, I decided that a solid floating shelf would be perfect. Using a 1″X3″s I built a frame and then used a nice ply to finish off the look. I covered the wood in a flagstone stain and then 3 layers of clear to weather proofing.

Floating Shelf
DIY Floating Shelf

We are thrilled with the results and dreaming up our next unique project! Don’t worry, I’ll bring you along too!

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