Easy Ombre Napkin

making ombre napkins

There are no devils in the details here, only angelic easy ombre napkins. These straightforward instructions will help you add just the right touch to your next tablescape. You loved the original ombre dipped napkins from the Summer Peach Bellini shoot so this one is for you!

Dip, Baby Dip

DIY Napkin

The materials for this project are simple. We like simple! You will need a container to hold your water, water, your liquid or powder dye and your napkins. For this project, we went with the a grey color, liquid dye to bring you this step by step project. The glass bowl was to help you see exactly what how the process works. My napkins are old pillow cases that we decided to up cycle verses throw away. Just another thing we love to do.

The Process

dyed napkins

Follow the directions on your type of dye to see your dye to water ratio, it may vary from my Rit Dye. Once you have your ratio mixed into your container, you will then want to determine if you want to start with your napkin material dry or wet. You can always start with a test piece to see which effect you like better. For this project I started with my material wet. I took one of the four corners and placed it in my dyed water a few inches and let the material drink up or absorb into the material. These pillow cases that we are using for napkins are cotton.

DIY dyed napkins

Leave your material in the dyed water until you like the color, just know that it will rinse out lighter. The next step is to rise out the dye, washing it by hand or in your washing machine. You will want to make sure that nothing else is in your machine if you choose to use one.

Trimming up the ends, and creasing the edges into place with use of an iron. Cutting the frayed edges allows for crisp lines and allows the napkin to be folded or laid down in a nice way.

Custom Napkins

To ensure that I don’t need to pull out a sewing machine that I don’t know how to use, I love this Beacon Creates Fabri-Tac. Fabri-Tac is a fantastic fabric glue that bonds so well that you can count on it to hold up during usage and washes.

The end result is photo perfect and the best part is that you can customize the color and even material. Just another detail you can add as we head back into weddings, family gatherings and all of the special events in your life.

DIy dyed ombre napkins

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