Disney Baby Announcement

What do you do when you have a very special announcement to make and want it to be unforgettable? You head to Disney of course! That is exactly what we did for my brother and sister in law. They are welcoming their 7th (yes, seventh) wonderful kiddo into the world in April. My sister in law has never been to Disney so this made her first time even more magical. Disney baby announcement? Yes please!

You can create anywhere!

When my sister in law was visiting I showed  her everything Cricut and crafting. When we found the “1st Time Visitor” pin and the “I’m Celebrating” pin we knew this was the perfect way to announce their surprise 7th baby. You can go to any gift shop in Disney and ask for these pins (others too!). Both my brother and sister in law picked out the vinyl they wanted to use, she picked the unicorn hologram and he picked out the pewter metallic. We cut the vinyl, weeded the negative space and added the transfer tape to the words so that when we had the pine we could easily apply. Finding an open spot on the sidewalk we were able to apply and quickly be on our way! They turned out fantastic!

Magic Kingdom FallWe loved the fall colors at Magic Kingdom and had to snag a quick shot.

Disney WorldMy sister in law thought the Epcot ball was pretty neat- and I love the texture, so we grabbed a quick shot too!

Disney Baby announcementHere they are! They never thought they would have 7 kids but here they are- at the most magical place on earth- celebrating!

Cricut vinylHere is the unicorn hologram vinyl- this is the same cut out button different view points so I could show the different colors.

Disney Vinyl Here we are at Disney on that sidewalk getting ready to transfer- his is the pewter metallic and hers the hologram. Don’t you love that he wanted one too?!!

Disney Baby AnnouncementThe lighting was great and I had to capture a shot of their hands over baby.

Baby announcementClose up of Dad’s pin!

If you plan on visiting Disney and want to celebrate your next occasion- here is a list of pins they have available. Be sure to use your Cricut materials and machine to achieve the perfect font.

#shareyourglitter for when you use this tip on your next visit to Disney- we would love to celebrate with you!







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