Custom Gift Wrap

Often I am called guacamole because, like guac, I am always a little extra. Gift giving is my jam and how that gift is packaged is half the fun! Michaels asked me to show how YOU can create custom gift wrap with and without the Cricut. Both options I show here are great ways to show how you care, added bonus, it doesn’t take very long but it looks like it did!

Michaels + Bluprint

Everything you need can be found Michaels Craft Stores and are so easy to source! The video below was made by Bluprint and is a great five minute video on the step by step. Use any design, any stamps, anything to make your custom gift wrap something special!

Want the ability to make things like this and so much more? You can get your very own Cricut Maker machine here!

Custom Gift Wrap

Custom gift wrap

Paper Flower

Custom wrapping

Cricut gift wrap

Cricut made gift wrap

Cricut tag and bow

Paper flower decor





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