Cricut Joy Cards

Cricut Joy Card

There is no better machine or tool out there to make the card making process easier. Take it from a crafter who never liked making cards, until now!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bringing Joy with the Cricut

Cricut Joy Supplies

Creating with my hands has always been my therapy. Especially in a time like now with the Corona Virus, making has become a daily event. This uncertain time has all of us hoping for the best but there are some that are risking their all to make sure the time length of this virus is shortened.

With that being said, let’s come together and make for a bigger and better cause. Saying “thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough, so we’re saying it with JOY! The Cricut Joy Machine

Thank you with a Cricut Card

It’s now easier than ever to make a card that says all of the right words and looks like you care even more with how beautiful these cards look. We have been blessed to stay at home completely. After much consideration we are thanking, our mailman, our delivery man and our teachers who are all working tirelessly to make our new normal comfortable.

Let’s get started!

Cricut Joy Bluetooth

Simply plug in your Cricut Joy Card Insert

Once I knew I liked this trophy card for our mail man, I decided on the colors of navy with this metallic gold. You are going to need your card mat for your card insert. Simply remove the plastic lining off the top of your card mat and then insert your card.

Load up on some Joy!

Cricut Joy card mat

Open your card and slide the lower, or under part, into the sleeve of the mat. Push your card all the way through to the line given on the mat and adjust if needed. Then, when ready, push down the top of the card into the sticky side of the mat.

Cricut Joy card making

When you have your card all loaded and ready to you, simply take the mat and slide, gently, into the machine. The Cricut Joy Thank you

Once your card is complete you’ll want to remove the card from the mat. You can pull directly off the mat with minimal pressure. For your more detailed projects I would recommend turning the mat on it’s belly and then removing the card. This will help your card from having any creases or rolled up ends.

Joy in the Making

Cricut Joy card and inserts

Next is the assembly and this is the easiest part as well as the last step in your card making. Once your card is weeded and all of the negative is showing, simply use the Bringing Joy to Others

Cricut Joy Thank You Cards

Grab your Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.


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