Cricut Appreciates Teachers

Cricut classroom

You’ve heard the saying that “not all super heroes wear capes” and I think that is so true for teachers. Teachers of all ages are even more incredible as we navigate through this time in life. Teaching, schools and Covid have changed the way that teaching is done. From virtual to in person and everything in-between, teachers deserve all of the appreciation in the world. To show all of our appreciation, we have teamed up with Cricut to inspire our local teacher of the year feel even more celebrated! #ad

Teacher of the Year

This has to be the best Cricut project that we have ever been involved in. Picking a teacher was the hardest choice of all since so many of our teachers truly deserve to have a Cricut corner. The choice was practically made for me when my dear friend and local teacher was named “Teacher of the Year.” The best part? When the year started, she was asked to be pulled out of the traditional classroom and into a position where she helps all of the teachers and gives direct attention to kids who require a more instruction. She was made for this is really thriving in her new position.

Teacher Appreciation with Cricut

Creative teaching goes hand in hand with our educators. The only thing holding most teachers back are the right tools. Cricut is showering a local teacher to transform an unused space into a Cricut creative corner. The Cricut Joy is the perfect machine to have that is ready for any project from cards, banners and anything vinyl. The EasyPress and mat are within arms reach for projects with sublimation, iron on and even fabrics. The Cricut BrightPad is perfect for wedding materials that are hard to see but also work amazing for tracing letters and designs. Accessories like the Cricut pens, markers, transfer tape and the TrueControl knife are perfect for the classroom. Topping it all off with a variety vinyl, glitter vinyl and iron on.

Creative Corner
Cricut in the classroom
Cricut EasyPress
Cricut creative station
Cricut Joy Machine

Can you think of a a teacher that could use the ultimate Cricut creative corner? Gift your teacher the best machines and materials to inspire those creativity!

Teacher appreciation with Cricut

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