Create Future House Plans with Cricut

Creating future plans has been different lately and we have just the right project to get you back planning. Using our Cricut Maker and a few Cricut supplies, we created this one of a kind calendar that allows you to see your plans for the months ahead. By adding acrylic on top of clip boards, we have made this calendar versatile with the use of dry erase markers. Let’s make these future home plans into reality!

The Future Starts Now

Cricut Calendar

Supplies for this project are so simple; Cricut Maker, Cricut StandardGrip Mat, Black Glossy Vinyl, Transfer Tape and Cricut tools.

For additional supplies, grab a clip board, acrylic and a pack of dry erase markers.

Clear Planning

Black Vinyl

You can either make a grid or upload one into your design space for this calendar project. I went with the black vinyl so that my colorful dry erase markers could take center stage. Using my StandardGrip Mat I cut down the vinyl and laid it flat and smoothing out any bubbles.

Design Space

Adding in the month with your font of choice (I used Cricut Sans) is suggested as well as the abbreviated days of the week. Leave the days of the month blank so that this calendar can be used over and over again. To align the days of the week, insert your fonts and then select all of the text boxes, click on align and center vertically. Before you click over to the “Make It” tab, be sure to select all and “attach.”

Cricut Maker mat

Once your machine is loaded up with your mat and vinyl, you will select vinyl for material and press start. Your Cricut machine will do all of the work for you!

Weeding more than the yard

To remove the vinyl from you mat, simply place the mat material down and roll back your mat. Once your vinyl has been removed from your mat you can start to pull back the vinyl. Go slow on this project with all of the fine lines and small fonts. Use the Cricut tools to help you remove the negative space. Take your transfer tape and apply to the vinyl, press down with your Cricut tools to ensure stick and then transfer to desired surface.

Permanent vinyl
Black gloss vinyl
Transfer tape

Create your Dream Home

Cricut vinyl calendar

How simple and pretty is that? Yes, you’ll need to make 12 of these to see the entire year but it is worth it! Seeing your year planned out and being able to add/take away with the ease of the dry erase feature is perfect.

Dry erase calendar
Yearly Calendar

You can display your calendar anywhere with easy removal to take down and write on. This allows you to really think about that you can accomplish and by when. Keeping your goals on track and your home well thought out.

Monthly Calendar
Dry erase monthly calendar
Future home planning

What project will you dream up next in your home with Cricut?

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