Colorful Fall Art

Fall Craft

Are you SO excited for fall? Me too! Especially living here in Florida. Problem is, we don’t have fall colors. That’s okay because this fall I want to being in a big of color, all the colors. Lets use an unused framed cork board and make it into something amazing!

Textured Design

I teamed up with DecoCrated to inspire you with some DIY art. When I walked into Michaels I found this colorful moss on clearance. The texture that moss creates is a spongy goodness that needs to be a focal point. Each bag of moss was in a gorgeous ombre effect and I wanted to keep it in that motion. The movement that comes from the colors was what I knew I wanted to showcase.

Armed with my Xyron glue gun, a framed cork board and my moss, It was time to make this amazing art that would only take a few minutes. First, we will start with some hot glue and only go a couple of inches at a time to make sure the glue doesn’t cool off too quickly. Take your first section and add the moss onto the hot glue.

Continue to work in sections like this and mix and match your moss if wanted, get creative and have fun! This DIY art looks like it is coming to life and I just love bringing the outside in.

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