Bobby Pin Hair Art

I went on camera today for Fox 35 Good Day Orlando and received so many messages… about my hair! Loving that this simple hair art only uses bobby pins and better yet- you can plan around with colors and design!

gold bobby pins

You’ll Love how easy it is!

Using 8 bobby pins (you can use less or more) in a gold color (you can use any color) to make the metal stand out against my darker hair, start by opening the pin wide between your fingers. Make sure your hair is smoothed down just by using your hand. Here are some simple gold bobby pins and some more detailed ones I can’t wait to play with!

Hair tutorial

You’ll hold the pin open and insert into your hair showing the full length of the pin.

Hair art

Repeat with the next pin but keep the bottom touching the first bobby pin.

Hair DIY

Keep repeating and inserting the pins behind and in front to create this 1/2 sun look.

Gold hair art

Once all of them are in place you can then adjust to open to the widths you want by keeping the bases together and spacing out the tops. That’s it!

Bobby pin hair art

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