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A little nervous to share some “fashion” suggestions for you all but here it goes! You asked for it and here it is! Having three little kids, a full time job all while “being at home” doesn’t leave a ton of time to get out and shop (like the good ole days). My secret? You might be surprised! Amazon favorites… and I’m telling all!

Amazon Baby!

Yep! Amazon. It’s going to take over the world and it’s already owning mine. Here’s why. Prime. Reviews. Who doesn’t like two day shipping (sometimes one) on amazing things? Like, all of the things! Reviews. These are your friends! It take time, yes, but less time that it would to take a small village to the store. The loading/unloading, explaining why this trip doesn’t revolve around them and we are NOT going to the toy aisle. The tantrums, poop attacks your children will inevitably have while you are in the dressing room. You’ll end up leaving with things you’ll “try on at home,” and ultimately leave with a $5 toy and defeat.

On amazon, there are so many choices really is hard to see what is a good deal/has great quality. You can trust my honest opinions as well as my posts on what I buy and show on my Instagram and here on the blog. I’ll have everything linked that I recommend and those links will be affiliate links… but hey, you’ll be supporting a working mom and getting some amazing deals while looking amazing!

A Girl and Her Glitter Amazon Fashion

The BEST White T and Resin Earrings

Loving the trend of resin right now with earrings! I saw a similar pair over on Bauble Bar but didn’t want to spend that much cash. These earrings are complete dupes (designer imitators) that are amazing. You get four in this pack for a fraction of the price!

The perfect T. Hey, I know, I’m a Mom of three and I don’t need to be looking like I am going to the club… but can’t I still look like a woman?! This is that T. It says, I’m still young-ish, the v neck that isn’t too low has people confident that I’m still a girl and the fit isn’t too tight and not too boxy. Size up for the cute relaxed look.

*About this photo… I had to use a stool and tape my phone to a box to get this… in the front yard. A neighbor drove by and said, “Looking good!” I was a bit embarrassed but the photos ended up being the best!

Mom Hustle T Shirt

The fit, color and how stinkin’ Mom chic this is- this is a heck yes purchase! For under $20 you can do all of the mom hustle things. From actually getting time to get ready and looking rather incredible OR throwing it on to consume all of the coffee that has ever been, this Mom Hustle shirt is so soft and comfortable! Ps- that last photo is ALWAYS me. I’m wearing a size small, nice and loose- loose enough to tie a knot or tuck into your jeans.

 Cold Shoulder Chic

Cold shoulder tops have never been my thing, until this one! I don’t know, I just felt like- you’re trying to show skin but- like… why your shoulders? The material of the shirt is divine and after I washed it- it  did not shrink at all. Listen, if I can’t dry in in the dryer- it’s a no go for me. I love the open shoulders because it’s just enough skin without too much. The V does not come down low- which is a great balance for the skin exposed on your shoulders. It’s just enough to show a little decolletage. I bought a medium and you can see below that it’s not tight. If you want a more form fitting top, size true to size. The medium allows me to tie the bottom or leave it as is. The length is great- not too long but definitely not too short. This is a WIN foe sure! Slimming cold shoulder top with v neck for the WIN!

(left) tied and not sure what I am doing, (middle) tied and face looking nice with a retouch app), (right) untied and needed that face app for this one.

Have you heard of ear crawlers? These are earrings that “crawl” up your ears. Now as I type it- it sounds really creepy. I wanted a simple earring but with a little bit of personality. I am known for my giant earrings but sometimes the perfect simple earring is just what you need. I highly recommend this ear crawler bar earring. You can wear them as shown below OR just let is rest vertically for an entirely different look. SO versatile! Chic ear climber earrings are so fetch!

(left) that’s the earring- isn’t it the cutest? Simple but with a little edge. (right) ummm, both ears? Duck face?

Unexpected Earring Finds!

One thing I didn’t plan on posted were these geometric earrings. I bought them so long ago for a specific event. I wore them to a recent trip to NYC and some of the ladies on insta lost their minds. So here is a close up that I did real quick on my phone of the geometric earrings. If you like compliments- get these!

I have a wedding to go to later this month and really wanted to jazz up my multi color dress with fun earrings that didn’t compete with the outfit. These were perfect! Comes in many colors. I love the white because it’s so neutral. The gold in the center is a great way to even make an everyday a little bit more special. They look heavy but they are not. Made very well!


Hair and Face

Mascara is a must for me. Without it, my mom will ask if I’m sick or tired… this one is fantastic and this brush is great! They say mascara is the window frame to your eyes… I say it’s the muzzle for your mom! JK, but, kind of. Try this one out, I bet you’ll love it! Here is an insanely close up of mu lashes from my phone. No primer was involved. I do have a quick tip- we usually just put mascara on the underneath part of our lashes- don’t forget to add it to the top of your lashes (the part you see when yours eyes are closed). Below is a comparison of with and without this mascara.

Hair Oil is something my hair drinks! This oil is amazing and as you can see, not very much cash. Certainly worth a try for those who have a bit of crunchy hair as times (especially between your hair appointments). I get the most comments on my hair so I’ll be sharing even more of the products I use as well as hair tutorials for you soon.

I can’t wait to hear what you think! This is new for me so I am feeling a bit like a girl who showed up to school without any… well, you know how that goes!



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