Acrylic Painted Vinyl

Painted tropical leaves

One of my most requested DIY’s is finally here! How to paint vinyl with acrylic paint. It’s way easier than you though and the possibilities are crazy. From a photo shoot collaboration to the how to- I got you covered.

Watch and Learn

Watch this project from beginning to end to see how I used tropical leaf cut vinyl and made them come to life. I have two ways of doing it so watch until the end to see which one is best for you!

From Event Concept to How To!

When I teamed up with Kristen Weaver photography (love this girl), we always go a bit bigger than we should. We’re okay with it and apparently so are you! This original post can be found here and you can see how we used it at a “wedding” and how you can use it in real life.


Vinyl painted

You will need your cut vinyl, paint brushes, acrylic paint and that’s it! You can hand cut your shapes of any kind or use your cutting machine. I used my Cricut Maker to create my vinyl tropical leaves.

Give it life!

Tropical leaves painted

Taking three colors which would be light, dark and a medium you can make this happen. I use the darkest color first, then my medium (here I made my own!) and then I layer the lightest color on top. Play with your colors, it doesn’t always need to be monochromatic.

Tropical leaf painting

When making your strokes for this design, I found that the best way to add the texture is to start from the middle and fan out to the edging. You’ll see the colors start to blend and it is beautiful!


You will not be able to use transfer tape since the paint is on top. You might want to cut your design into sections to better help you apply the vinyl to your surface. The less negative space the better!

Painted vinyl with acrylic

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