A Green Christmas Tree

King of Christmas

Have yourself a very green Christmas! Let your vines be light. From now on our tree will be the greenest in sight. I love all things Christmas and I am very much a plant lover. Combining my two loves of Christmas trees and real stems. There is an extended nook off our kitchen and the light is fantastic. This room is a great place to have my live plants. It’s also a great place to have a Christmas tree and what better of a tree than one from the King of Christmas!

King of Christmas

King of Christmas Tree

Ever since the pandemic, I found myself wanting to care for plants. Before this time I always turned plants brown. Now, I have some beautiful plants that are thriving. When I partnered with the King of Christmas I found the PERFECT tree. This tree is the 7′ King Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Warm White LED Lights. Reminds me of a tree right out of the forest and feels like one too! This tree was great for my unique Christmas bulb idea.

These propagation vases are from my wall in my bathroom and allow for me to take cuttings from my existing plants and grow new ones. The great thing about these vases have an existing hole in the back that allow them to hung. Taking the vase and feeding in one of the stems through the hole and bend it up. This allows for the stem to act as a hook and have the vase hang. From there you take your best cuttings, a bit of water and you have the most natural and unique looks for Christmas!

Propagation Christmas Tree
Propagation holder
Propagation Christmas
Propagation tree
Natural Christmas

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